Sunday, March 22, 2009

finishing the second home of the innocents sculpture

I was down with a flu a few weeks ago, and so I fell behind in my blog postings. Now I will catch up ...
Here is Emily cooper, the top half is almost complete, I am still working out the skirt and apron.

For the blanket I attach a section of woven wire. This will act as an armature for the blanket. On the left you can see that I have already applied some clay.

I have worked out the skirt and apron - she doesn't have ties in the back - yet. I have also filled in the blanket with clay.I use a wire attached through the woven wire and attached it back to the frame. This stiffens the blanket.
This is the pattern of the butterflies. They will be more simple at the bottom and become more detailed as they approach the top of the blanket.

My favorite view of the piece....