Sunday, June 14, 2009

The stone arrives for the Charles City commission of "Girl Reading"

Vessels Trucking - that's Leon Vessels, owner over on the right watching- delivers the rock for the Charles City job.

The raw block is much larger than I need so sections need to be removed. First of all a large section needs to be
removed so that the locally available crane can remove it from the truck. Don drills holes and puts in feathers and wedges in order to spit off the section of stone.

The wedges are hammered in until the stone cracks.

The crane arrives and we remove the stone from the truck to steel wheeled cart next to the shop.

Using the model, it was determined which sections would need to be removed using the chain saw. If we didn't have the saw I would have taken the stone to a sawyer in Bedford Indiana to make the necessary cuts to this piece. Although I couldn't have had the first right angle cut made there, they would only be able to cut curners off.

Don takes the saw across the face of the block, cutting the maximum depth of 18"

Then he makes another cut from the top. There will be an area in the middle of the stone that is not cut, but wedges and a hammer will form a break across that section of stone.

Don hammers in the wedge

After the remaining stone has broken, Don can lever off the section of stone. Going...



Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Home of the Innocents mold work finish

The mold work comes to a completion on the two sculptures for the Home of the Innocents which will commemorate the work of Sister Emily Cooper and the over 200 children
buried at Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, KY.The hands are readied for the mold work.These are two butterflies. They will be placed on the blanket in various patterns, emerging from the blanket and flying up from the children's blanket.This is the blanket, the spaces where the emerging butterflies are to be attached are marked on the blanket.
The sculpture has two coats of mold material, now it is ready to get shims. Steve applies the material into which the shims will be placed.Attaching the shims.Her shims all in place, she is now ready for the rest of the mold material.After all the layers of mold material are applied, she gets a mother mold of plaster. After that
dries, the mold is removed.This is the inside of the blanket mold.
Steve helps pack up the molds for the trip to Loveland, Colorado. The sculptures will be cast at
Art Casting of Colorado.
An assortment of mold sections.

A head and two hands is within this plaster. Don wraps a mold section in preparation of it's journey. It will then be placed with all the other mold sections into the crate behind Don. R & L Trucking picks up the crates.

Loading a crate with our truck.

Steve from R&L and Don position the crate on the truck.