Monday, April 26, 2010

Refining Sculpture continues and a Gallynipper in my hand

This is a great little tool called a glyptic. It is a loop tool with one side that is serrated (like a rake). What's nice is that you can change out different shape loops from the handle using an included allen wrench (shown). I got this at Sculpture Depot in Loveland Colorado.

I am using a rake tool on the man's shirt to futher refine the surface.

I use a small loop tool for the hair. This is the little boy.

This is the progress on the man's face -I have given him a slight smile.

This is the woman's face.

To make bows for the little girl's hair, I flatten a strip of clay and loop either end over, and join in the middle. Then, I pinch the middle slightly.

After I apply the bows to the hair, I add a bit of clay for the knot of the bow.

This is the sculpture with a black backdrop. The backdrop helps me to see the sillouette of the sculpture more easily. I choose black over a light material because a lighter material makes highlights more difficult to read.

A swallowtail butterfly on locust blooms.

Toads eggs in a puddle.

Got this guy out of the sink. You know what they say, a Gallynipper in the hand...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Continued refinement and a woodpecker

I use a rake tool to had interest and folds to the woman's dress

This is the man's face. He looks a little too serious, I think I will lighten his expression.

I fill in the areas where the little girls hand and the womans arm meet.

I am using a wood tool to make the little girls fingernails

I've been working on shoes - I'm even doing them in my sleep. The leg is still on the lumpy side. Oil clay is difficult to get a smooth surface. I need to go over the surface several times with a rake tool to get the form right.

This strange looking thing is a wild grape leaf just emerging.

This is a Trillium backlit by the sun

This is a Red Bellied Woodpecker on the feeder at the house. He doesn't look very comfortable, but then those are free sunflower seeds!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Refining the sculpture

In different areas of the sculpture I use a rake tool to even out the form. Here I am using a fine rake tool in a crosshatching pattern to make sure the calf of the little girl is nicely rounded.

I removed the mans head and have done some refining. Also I have been smoothing and refining the folds in his shirt.

I removed the womans head to further refine her features, though she is not as far along as the man.

A view of the sculpture. I am working on areas all over the sculpture tweaking and tighening.

Another view

Spring brings tadpoles - these are well developed by are not out of their bubble nest yet...

A close-up of spiderwort.

A close-up of a Tulip.
Saturday Don and I were invited to fellow sculptor Karen Terhune's 50th birthday party - it was lots of fun but I forgot the camera, darn!
My sister and I celebrated our birthday the next day - we're 47 - but the batteries on my camera decided to give up the ghost so I got no pics of the party - another darn!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Continued work on Light of Hope and Healing

This is the front of the little boys shirt - I am pressing a section of clay into place.

I smooth down the clay of the boys shirt with my fingers.

I'm defining the little boy's belt with a wood tool.

Individual folds of the hand are made from coils of clay and pressed into place

This is the back of the mans hand, removed so that it can be more fully detailed.

Defining the little boys show with a small loop tool.

The sculpture showing the little boy from the back.

A cow sillouetted against the evening sky.

For a contrast in scale, this is an inchworm on my hand.

I have no idea what kind of plant this is. Ideas anyone?

With the warming temperatures,the leaves are just beginning to open