Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Finishing work, getting needed water and way too much water

I use a slender diamond bit to carve in between this sculpture's fingers - she'll be at the Yew Dell show.

We had trouble with the water and needed it to be fixed, so I can work out the water level on the otter and the sculptures can be power washed before the show. There's Don's guiding hand telling BJ and Mike from J.B. Bennet Plumbing what they need to do. ( they need guidance..)

Here is the otter basin filled with water. I am making cuts down the sides of the piece, as I felt the sides were a bit boring....

We've had a bit too much rain; this is a neighbor's farm that is flooded. The Ohio river is behind him, so right now his place is an island. But, he has a boat and his brother and sister-in-law live right next door.

Another view of his farm from his brother's property.

Another view of the flooded Ohio river. The trees on the far side are in Indiana.

The water has come across our road about 2 miles from the house. If we want to go to Hardinsburg, we'll have to take the long way around. This is another neighbor driving through the flood waters. The man's name (aptly so) -is Phillip Flood. (I can't make this stuff up).

Our property is going under water..

The waterfowl like it. This pic was taken from the front yard before he sunk below the water. I think it is a Grebe.

This is a buttercup under the flood waters, yet it continues to bloom....

Eddie is not happy about his land going under water. But, we've got plenty of hay for him and the other two donkeys to eat until the flood subsides.

But, the water is still rising, forecast to rise another 2 feet. If it does, it will be too deep to drive through. We will have to move the car over to a neighbor's before it gets too high. Then, we'll have to canoe or wade to go any place.

The waters are starting to take out the bridge at the corner of the property.....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Continuing work, a turkey display and flooding returns

I continue work on the otter basin. I have refined the petals and leaves with die grinders and have opened up the basin using a 4" angle grinder.
I have started blocking out the womans arm. I am cutting it full and little low and as I refine it will get it into the right position.
I do almost all of the carving with a 4" angle grinder with a diamond wheel. While I was working, the grinder started making a funny sound. I turned it off and saw that a section of wheel had come off. Where it went is anybody's guess....
A sculpture of a leaping man I am working on and hope to have in a local show. It is in oil clay for bronze.Here is a Tom turkey doing his spring display, looking for girls.

We've had a fair amount of rain and flooding has returned - this is in our lower field. The pink tree is a Red bud in bloom.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Continuing work on the marble sculpture, and an angel sculpture for a Louisville show.

Work continues on the Marble sculpture, with continued refinement of hand face and leg. I am just beginning to work out where her left arm is. It will be lifting fabric away, the title of the piece is Lifting the Veil and deals with seeing beyond the "reality" of this world.
The crayon marks show where I think the arm will be. The very dark marks are for the view looking from her left side, showing where the profile of the underside of the arm might be. I will cut wide of any mark, the closer I get in to the form, the easier it will be to see where the arm really is.

This is her right foot. I am just beginning to cut the toes and work out the creases in the sole.

I have marked the areas that need to be removed, on the thumb and around the knuckles of the fingers.

This is an angel sculpture that I am doing for a show in Louisville.

Another creature with wings; I found this wasp in the window at death's door. So, I fed it a bit of soda with a bit of towel paper.

Before long, it was feeling better, cleaned itself and away it flew.

While I was feeding the wasp, I looked up and there stood a deer eating snacks....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Refining the figure, Otter in the basin and a river walk

Work continued on my Sylacauga Marble figure. The stone that I am carving does not have a lot of depth, so I have to be careful to fit the figure into it. Everything was fairly flat, requiring that I cut back areas that needed to be deeper. Also, I decided to cut back the front face of the stone to add dimension to the piece.

I had the foot too high and used a black crayon to visually remove the stone. I will now cut it off with an angle grinder.

Almost all the carving has been with grinders - 9" for larger areas, 4" for smaller areas and shaping. I also use a large die grinder with a mounted stone for interior and very small spaces. I have been steadily refining the sculpture; a little bit here, a little bit there. I want her arm to be lifting up fabric in front of her. I haven't determined exactly where the arm will be. I used a sander on the arm and face with 40 grit sandpaper. This is the first time that I've carved Alabama Marble - and I was curious about what it would do. I have carved Georgia Marble and some Colorado Yule. This is a very tight stone, with tiny crystals. It's great to carve and has a transluscent, fleshy quality.

I switched back and forth between the marble piece and the Otter fountain. I have hollowed out the basin enough to hold the bronze otter. I have roughed in the leaves and flowers of the lilies.

Another view...

The weather was so nice the other day, Don and I went for a walk by the Ohio River.

The path to the river goes by a field where corn was grown last year. This time of year lots of fields are covered with this purple flowering plants (some sort of cover crop) which makes for striking displays.

It was very windy, and these are bees were blown from the blooms of a plum tree where they were gathering nectar.