Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Heron work continues, Daphne, frost on a spider web

I am refining various areas of the heron. When I made the heron legs they were somewhat rough, I go back with a soldering iron to refine them. I have done the leg on the left side, I have yet to smooth out the leg on the right.

The heron's left wing was a little heavy, I cut it back with a knife.

I use a metal wax tool to define the eye area. I then use the same tool on the beak to smooth and even out the texture.

I am trying out a bunch of plants with the heron. I like this better than what I had done in the model. Not quite right, though.

A side view.

I went over Daphne using a roloc (a small air=powered tool) with 120 grit sandpaper. I also smoothed out the bottom of the sculpture. Her left side is to the north and as a result is always in the shade. I need to turn her to the south so I can get the sun evenly on both sides.

We had a freezing fog the other day, thought this spider web encrusted with frost was pretty cool....

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tree of life molds depart for the foundry, The Heron progresses and The Brave Little Titmouse

The Tree of Life Molds are completed, now they need to be readied for their trip to the foundry.
Don puts the large mold section of the main tree trunk and branches together.

Each mold section is then wrapped in plastic to ensure they don't bounce apart in transit.

The leaf molds are then wrapped in discarded carpet padding we obtained from Fashion Floors in Ekron, KY. The shelf above is for the big tree mold to keep its weight from crushing the molds of the leaves.

R & L Trucking is then scheduled to pick up the crate.

Meanwhile, back at the Heron...

I roll out a cylinder of clay to make the toes of the Heron.

I pinch it with my fingers to make the clay and joints. Right now I am just roughing in the feet to check for proportion. I will come back and further define the toes.

I set the toes in place. I will check from different angles to make sure the feel is right.

In an earlier post I had feather sections to exaggerated, I decided to tone it down, making the general shape of the wing and then subtly cutting in where the feathers are. Right now I am just marking the feathers. I will come back carve the sections back.

I had the beak of the heron to wide at its base, I am cutting it back with a wood carving knife.

I have roughed in the plants and check the silhouette. I will play with the arrangement of the leaves, I am happy with the heron. I have removed the feathers on its head for the time being, I still need to work those out to my liking.

While feeding birds the other day I thought I would put some sunflower seeds in the Sea Lions mouth, just to see how long it would take for the birds to pick up on it. It took a couple of hours but then they realize - "Hey, there's seed in there." This is a Titmouse. It looks into the jaws of the predator....

and bravely sticks in his head!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The heron continues, First Friday art and watchers at the window

I continue work on the heron, building up the wings.
I turn the whole bird on the armature so I can get to the underside. This is an important view as the sculpture will be above eye level and the underside will be easily seen.
I fill out the neck and body of the bird and start refining the face.
I use a knife to define the the beak. I have also used it to begin shaping areas of the head. It leaves a subtle pattern.
I have blocked in the wings and am determining the patterns of the feathers.
This is one of the blades of grass which will be behind the heron. I use a wooden dowel as a support.

Don and I went to First Friday in Louisville to see Bob Lockhart's and Mike McCarthy's new work. Bob has a number of really great 2D works. Each one has a humorous (sometimes disturbing) description with the work. It's really worth seeing, we were glad to make the 3 hour round trip to see the show.

Mike McCarthy is doing quite well and has a natural flair for stone. 8 of 10 pieces in the show had sold - he is well on his way and someone to watch.
Speaking of watching - this little deer was watching me as I took his photograph.
And a watcher on the window