Monday, February 25, 2013

A new project is about to begin, Louisville, KY opens a new pedestrian bridge

I just received a commission for a public sculpture.  The commissioning agency plans on announcing this and other sculptures it is acquiring in a few days, so I will wait to post photos of the models and name the organization.  The commission will be carved in limestone from multiple blocks.  Here are some photos of the quarry (Indiana Limestone Company, formally Victor Oolitic of Bloomington, Indiana.

 There are lots and lots of blocks in the quarry...
 ...acres of stone.  But finding the right size blocks can be difficult.  Fortunately, the company has a computer program listing stones by their length, depth and height so we could go right to the stones for the job.
Like this one...
 and this..
...and this one, Brent Blackwell paints my name on the rock.
 and this one too, a couple other besides.  I'll post pictures of the project in the next blog.
 Louisville Kentucky has refurbished the Big Four Railroad bridge into a pedestrian walkway.
There was a large crowd on the Saturday that I walked it.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Bright Lights Exhibition and creating a Veterinarian in water clay

New Albany Indiana's Arts Council has several exhibitions about sculptor Barney Bright (who created "The Search, a monumental sculpture at the New Albany Free Public Library) as well as those who worked with him.  I attended the opening of the "Bright Lights" exhibit which is at  Spring Street.  It is a group show of people who worked at Bright Foundry or merely had work cast there.  The show is a who's who of area sculptors as well as well known painters.
This painting is by Robert Jackson. He worked at Bright Foundry back in the 80s.  He has done a great deal of art in the city, working in various capacities including set painting for Actors Theatre of Louisville,KY.
This striking print is by Mary Lou Hess.  She was one of a group that acquired "The Search" for the Library in New Albany.
I begin work on the water clay version of a Veterinarian holding a puppy (the mother dog stands next to the doctor, watching). I begin by blocking in the clay using the smaller castilene model as a guide.
I use skewers to stabilize the heavy water clay.  Later I use a wire tool to cut open different areas of the sculpture and hollow it out.  I then stuff moistened paper towels into the cavity. This helps to lighten the sculpture so it doesn't slump.

I work up the features of the sculpture with loop tools and now refer to the original photo reference of the Veterinarian instead of using the smaller maquette.  I have worked up the puppy the doctor is holding and place it at the end of his arms.  I will then work the hands onto the puppy and doctors arms. Notice I use pillars of clay to support the arms.

The arms are a bit drier than the clay of the puppy  so I wrap them with damp towel paper to get them moister. I have added additional support under the pup as well.

I have removed the supports under the arms but the support under the puppy remains.  I will leave that until the clay is fairly dry. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Beth's sweet 16

My niece just turned 16 and so, family gathered for the party.  I this photo, from left to right - My Aunt Bunny, my sister Phyllis, my sister-in-law Denise, Beth's brother Joe and my brother Mark.
The house was festively decorated in pink for the occasion.  Beth's little brother Joe has just run through these pink streamers, too fast for the camera to record.

Everyone sings Happy Birthday to Beth. 
Beth watches as her older brother, Danny, cuts the cake.
Now the best part of the party - presents!
Beth's grandfather and I always have a session of "Dueling cameras" at family gatherings.
A pinata added to the festivities.  Beth takes a swing with a small baseball bat.
It took many hits (adults finally had to get involved) before the pinata was broken and candy spilled on the floor and the kids descended upon it.