Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Otter sculpture donated to Yew Dell Gardens, Heron gets a patina and something both otters and herons enjoy - fish

 Mr. and Mrs. Garrett  of Louisville KY have decided to donate to Yew Dell Gardens in Crestwood, KY,.an otter sculpture they commissioned from me.   The Otter has had a beautiful home with the Garretts for years.  It has had many vistors from local garden tours throughout the years.
Everett  and George of Charlestown Monument secure the rigging to the sculpture so that it can be safely lifted onto the truck.

 Everett operates the crane, lifting the otter onto the truck.
 The sculpture is safely deposited upon the truck and is strapped down.
 Next, the drive to Yew Dell Gardens.
 The sculpture is then removed from the truck ...
 and set into place.  This is a temporary home for the otter, it's new location is under construction and when that is complete the otter will be moved to it's permanent home.
 The otter taking in it's new home.
 The heron has received it's patina and is now ready to make it's trip to Cave Hill Cemetery.
 Another view.
This is something that would interest both Otter and Heron - fish.  There are huge schools of these fish (not sure of the species) in the creek.  They splash at the surface (spawning?) and there are so many it sounds and looks like rain.

Monday, October 15, 2012

A veterinarian sculpture, a baby shower and a red shoulders hawk

I have been working on this portrait sculpture of my veterinarian.  I worked up these models to get the general feel I wanted in the piece.
I then took the model to the office and had the good doctor pose for me and took a number of photos from all angles.
I have worked up the basic figure leaving the hands for last as they will be worked with the puppy he is holding.
The pup.
This is the mother dog.  I am creating these in hard castilene clay.  I use a soldering iron to smooth the surface.  I will do the final sculpture in water clay, these will simply be models for the final piece.  I really like the design however and may do a mold and cast these in bronze.
The family just had a party for our newest addition to the family, my great niece Abbigail. My brother is so proud to be a grandfather.
This red shouldered hawk was on the fence behind my sister's house.