Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Update on Home of the Innocents sculpture and some photos of spring beauties

I have changed the blanket of the Home of the Innocents blanket, making it wider and giving it little more depth from front to back. I am bringing the butterflies out of the front and middle of the blanket as well as the top. I
have changed the hand position so that the left hand is more visible, because it was obscured by the blanket.

This is a profile view of the face. The change here is to give her an expression of wonder...

Another view of the face.

A detail of the blanket showing the butterfly pattern. The pattern is simple at the bottom, becoming more detailed and dimensional as it goes up the blanket.
And now for some pics of flowers and other things....

This flower is called Henbit. This photo was taken on a frosty morning.

Rainwater on Bloodroot. Or is it Twinblade?

A little grasshopper pays me a visit.

A Great Blue Heron, down in the creek in front of the house.

A prothonotary Warbler that was photographed in Holt Bottom, a few miles from our house.