Sunday, May 3, 2015

Finishing the Lion and nature pics

I am coming to the finish on the Lion.  I have gone over the stone around the Lion smoothing out the tool marks from the grinder.  I don't plan to sand those areas I want that to have a bit rougher surface.  On the Lion I have been going over the entire cat refining areas, cleaning up rough spots, etc.

I decided I didn't quite like the hip area and have re-carved that area, the tail had a couple of areas I wasn't happy with and I worked that out as well.  Now I just have to sand out and refine what I have done.
At the beginning of a sculpture you cut a lot and look, at the finish you look a lot and then carve.  I look at it as the sun goes across it seeing if there are weak areas I need to address.

I have been smoothing out the grinder marks on the ledge over the Lions head - there is still more to go, though.

Rain water was running down the back of the stone as I intended but it was also running around the side.  I have cut slots in the stone to direct the water away from the Lion.  The dust from the top of the sculpture runs down with the rain and helps me to judge how this drainage design is working.  It seems to be working pretty well.

I have cut in the eyes and teeth though a little refinement on the canines is still needed.  I'm really happy with how it looks.

These are balls of dust formed by the wind.

Pretty deer.

There was a lot of rain this spring, I photographed this after a downpour, the white is stone dust.

Sunset in Yellowbank.