Monday, October 13, 2014

Refining the Lion

The crayon marks show the areas I need to remove or define. The marks are for the view from the front.

How these marks look from each side the lions right...

The lions left.  I need to drop the eyes further back but I will establish the eyes from the front first.

The lion roughed in.

I want to angle the paw outward and make a note to myself on the stone.  This will entail not only angling out the lower leg, I will have to move the knee out as well by removing stone from inside the leg.

I begin defining areas while I am still a bit high and off the form of the final sculpture.  That way I can see if I like the way it looks before I commit to it.  By carving one area (head, leg, etc.) only partially then moving on to another area I can come back to the first with "fresh eyes" and be able to correct mistakes and make a better piece (hopefully).

At the top of the rock I have made a cut where I will angle the stone back so that rain water will drain to the back of the stone. 

This is the back view of the sculpture after I have cut down the top of the stone and beveled the top on both the side and back.  I will then cut down the other side of the sculpture.

This is a view of the top of the back of the sculpture.  I need to steepen the slope and bevel the edges.

This is Denny Crum competing in a fly casting competition at Cabela's Sporting Goods in Louisville KY.  The local chapter of the Trout Unlimited hosted the competition.  There are 5 hoops in the parking lot which you have to aim for, you have to cast to each one twice.  I was in the competition myself, though I have fished for years it had been a while since I have cast a lure so I was way off the targets...

This is a multicolored window covering as seen through a metal architects rule (triangular ruler).