Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bear work continues, snow and cold and Seasons Greetings

I open the area between the mother's paw and the cub's body with a large die-grinder.

The interior has been difficult to work in and has proven slow. I have crayoned around the nose, as it needs to be a bit smaller.

I have defined this cub's brow and eyes and have started to deepen the crease between the cub's head and the mother's leg.

I have been refining this cub's face, adding detail and softening the form.

I have work in the new Book "Bernheim" written by Sharon Receveur and Tavia Cathcart. It is a fascinating book covering Isaac Wolfe Bernheim's life, the creation of Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, the various species of plants and animals that can be encountered there, as well as the art projects and sculptures located at Bernheim. Paul Fields is well represented in the book with photos from the time he was artist in residence, creating the "Snail", as well as installing "Blossom" which is dedicated to his mother. Paul was the first sculptor in the Louisville area carving large stone and paved the way for the rest of us (Don, Al Nelson, Matt Weir, myself and many others).

There are two images in the book of my sculpture "Emerging" which was donated to Bernheim by Varley Weideman.

I was walking down by the creek and found snowflakes caught in a spiderweb.

A titmouse on the clothesline in today's snow.

Season's Greetings! Here is this year's greeting card, poem and photo (copyright Meg White 2010).

Sunday, December 5, 2010

4 Grizzly Bears and 2 open houses

I have been working on the interior areas of the bear, deepening shadows and applying hair patterns.
I'm detailing the top cub. Some of the crayon marks are to show me the fur pattern, and other marks for the bridge of the nose, which needs a bit more definition.

I bounce back and forth between various areas - a little nose carving here, a bit of eye defintion there, and then there is always fur pattern to be done.

This shot shows a bit of each cub and the mother's face.
Don and I went to Charlie Oldham's open house to see what kind of fossil and crystal goodies he had for sale ... and he has lots - fossils, dinosaur teeth, crystals, jewelry...

A couple of big kids looking for pretty rocks...
Lots of crystals at Charlie's Rock Shop...
There was lots of good food and entertainment.
After Charlies Rock shop, we visited the Studio Works open house. Located at the corner of Bardstown Rd. and Eastern Parkway in Louisville, Ky., it provides an artistic outlet for people with mental disabilities. The work is fun and inventive - these are various food items - roast turkey, banana split, etc. in glazed clay.