Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Discovery progresses, Daphne sells at Yew Dell show

 I am working on the hair, getting the angle of the skull and cutting down the hair which is a bit too full.
 There is still a hump towards the front of the hair and lots to come off the back.  The face is also too full and that needs to be addressed.
 Don splits off a corner of stone at the back and side of the head.
 And then he splits off extra stone at the very back of the head.
 Meanwhile I work on forming the knee.  The model is on top of the stone.  I am making basic movements establishing the knee cap, muscles, etc.
 another view of the knee.
 The corner has been removed but there is still a knob of stone that needs to be cut off.
The knob is mostly removed I work across the face and hairline. I also need to lower her right eyebrow...
 Don has removed a significant amount of stone from the leg.
 Yew Dell Garden's 6th Annual Outdoor Sculpture Show recently opened.  This work is by North Oldham High School Students and is constructed of wood and tiles.  Entitled "Boundless Beauty" this is an excellent work of art and a bargain at $350.00
 This piece, entitled "Weight" was created by Shohei Katayama, Peter Golemboski and Kevin Melzer.  It's intriguing forms invite you in to further explore it. Really an interesting piece.
 At the opening I had a pleasant surprise - Daphne has sold!
 Lily as well will be going to a new home.
 An elegant work by Bob Lockhart...
 A wonderful piece by Caren Cunningham..
 Wyatt Gragg's Doves offer beauty...
 A graceful piece by Craig Kaviar.  I really like how uses contrasting colors and forms.
This fun piece is by David Caudill.

Friday, May 17, 2013

My Nephew Dan turns 21, Discovery work continues and an Anchorage Alaska Commission

 My nephew recently had his 21st birthday.  Wow has time flown.  This is a chocolate chip birthday cookie which his mother (my twin sister) made.
 Dan's father helps light the candles while Olivia (Dan's girlfriend on the right) and Joe (little brother and Dan's mini-me on left) watch.
 The best part of an birthday- the gifts.  Congratulations Dan!
 The head of Discovery was recently moved to facilitate work and so it could be moved inside so I can work if it is raining or if it is too hot in the sun.  Padgett was called out to do the job.
 The head was rigged up in a basket hitch...
 and the crane operator, Barney did an excellent job.
 Having the stone so much higher helps me in working around the bottom of the stone. (photo Don Lawler)
 The stone and the model.
 I'm cutting the hair with an angle grinder with a 10" diamond blade.
 Don has done a good job of blocking out the knee....
and the leg.
Great News, I just found out I received the commission for the University of Alaska Anchorage.  It will be an ice age creature in a 30,000 block of stone.  It is undecided whether it will be an American Lion or Saber tooth cat.  Pretty cool, huh?

Yew Dell Installation

 Don and I packed up the work for the 6th annual Yew Dell Outdoor Sculpture show.  Daphne was packed into a crate for the trip and loaded onto my truck.
 After an hour and a half drive, she is released from the crate ...
 and placed on her base.
 Derrick Sheroan of JBB Services operates the crane for the base of The Three Temptations of Lily"
 Here is Lily with a Mockingbird on her head.  It was swooping down for insects, returning to the sculpture's head to eat.
 Don readies his bench for siting.
Another work by Don, it seems to be rising up from the ground.
 The Otter as fountin...
 A bench by Mike McCarthy...
 A sculpture by Caren Cunningham...
 The underside of a glass swing....
And a metal sculpture, artist unkown to me, I'll find out tomorrow at the opening....

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Work continues on Discovery

 I work across the top of the head along the hairline and down face.  I will work on defining the hairline and moving the forehead back.
 I have established the hairline and begun to work down the face to define the side of the face.
 I have worked down the side of the face and next need to remove stone around the chin.  The plaster model is placed outside to aid with carving. I have also further defined the nose.  The face is too wide across the cheekbones, I will use calipers to measure the distance across the cheekbones on the model and compare to the stone and carve accordingly.  I have also refined the nose.
 I cut the hair down in sections to more closely conform to the model.  I have also begun to define the chin and carve the hair that curves away from it.
 Work begins on the knee...
 A large section was drilled and split off using feathers and wedges...
 The section was levered off by Don who drilled the rock....
 it comes crashing to the ground.
 Sections of stone cut from the leg.
A big Wolf spider is relocated to safe location outdoors.