Sunday, April 17, 2011

Continuing work, a turkey display and flooding returns

I continue work on the otter basin. I have refined the petals and leaves with die grinders and have opened up the basin using a 4" angle grinder.
I have started blocking out the womans arm. I am cutting it full and little low and as I refine it will get it into the right position.
I do almost all of the carving with a 4" angle grinder with a diamond wheel. While I was working, the grinder started making a funny sound. I turned it off and saw that a section of wheel had come off. Where it went is anybody's guess....
A sculpture of a leaping man I am working on and hope to have in a local show. It is in oil clay for bronze.Here is a Tom turkey doing his spring display, looking for girls.

We've had a fair amount of rain and flooding has returned - this is in our lower field. The pink tree is a Red bud in bloom.


Anonymous said...

Glad you weren't hurt by that missing piece of metal! Yes, I hear you about the flooding. All the projects I made after the first bout are washed away by the second.

Meg said...

Sounds like there's more flooding to come, maybe '97 levels - Yikes!
In 97 the house was about 4 feet above the level of the flood. Hopefully it won't get that high this time.

The bear dedication is May 15th at 2:00 if you'd like to come. It's at Kosair Children's Hospital at Brownsboro Road, just past the Gene Snyder. All are welcome.