Monday, May 21, 2012

 I have fixed the mouse damage on the leaves and leg of the Heron and have gotten final appoval.  The next step will be the molding process.
 Another view of the finished heron.  The clump of leaves is removable so it can be molded separately from the bird.  I will cast them fairly flat - this will keep the mold as small as possible - and then the leaves can be bent out when it is cast in wax to give little more movement and interest to the piece.
 and another view.
 On the horse I use die grinders to form the nostrils and eyes.  I used a 4" angle grinder to make the folds of the neck. I then will go back over all the areas of the face hand sanding with 80 grit paper.
 I have defined the leg and should with a 4" angle grinder using a die grinder for tight places.
 The finished horse - it is currently on ebay....
 A long, long time ago I started Ophelia.  I did some tweaking of areas around the face and on the supports and now she's done. Ophelia is a character in Shakespeare's Hamlet who is in such despair she is unable to save herself from drowning. I never thought she committed suicide, she just wasn't aware of what was happening to her. There are two wedge shaped stones which keep Ophelia upright so she holds water.  These represent the rigid societal pressures which helped to shape her fate.  One of the stones can be removed in winter so that the piece can drain and freezing will not be an issue.
 Ophelia filled with water....
 Ophelia empty - well almost - there are still a couple of areas that are holding water, I need to go back in and open them up so the piece drains completely.
My nephew Danny ,who is currently attending University of Louisville, recently celebrated his 20th birthday. And that's not a cake - he's blowing out the candles of his birthday chocolate chip cookie!

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