Sunday, May 5, 2013

Work continues on Discovery

 I work across the top of the head along the hairline and down face.  I will work on defining the hairline and moving the forehead back.
 I have established the hairline and begun to work down the face to define the side of the face.
 I have worked down the side of the face and next need to remove stone around the chin.  The plaster model is placed outside to aid with carving. I have also further defined the nose.  The face is too wide across the cheekbones, I will use calipers to measure the distance across the cheekbones on the model and compare to the stone and carve accordingly.  I have also refined the nose.
 I cut the hair down in sections to more closely conform to the model.  I have also begun to define the chin and carve the hair that curves away from it.
 Work begins on the knee...
 A large section was drilled and split off using feathers and wedges...
 The section was levered off by Don who drilled the rock....
 it comes crashing to the ground.
 Sections of stone cut from the leg.
A big Wolf spider is relocated to safe location outdoors.

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