Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cutting the bottom of marble block, the second stone of Predator and Prey, finish work on the American Lion and Nature photos

After splitting off a section of stone from the bottom of this piece, I cut the bottom flat with an angle grinder.  I use a hammer to tap off sections as I go.

Almost there, just a little bit at the corner.

The other stone for the Predator and Prey sculpture is moved in.  There will be a young deer leaping away, I'm working on the model for it. Nothing to see yet.

I use a diamond burr on the die grinder to cut in the small lower teeth of the American Lion.  The burr flares out at the end which is better for cutting in between teeth.  I can't get to close to the lips - it will cut a "v" into the lip.  I will use a diamond point where the teeth and lips meet.

The burr I used for the teeth I also use around the eye.

I need to soften the lips - lots of edges there that don't belong on a lion - also need to refine and finish the nose.

The canine teeth are too wide and need to come to more of a point....

I am making a way for rainwater to drain from the top of the piece but not run around the side to the front leg of the Lion.

I have sloped the top toward the center of the block and toward the back so rainwater won't run over the carved area of the sculpture.

Here is tiny snapping turtle that was out in the road, so I crossed it.

Ants on a potato chip.

Evening sun on trees.

more evening sun...

Blue eyed Mary wildflowers blooming in Yellowbank WMA.  Here is a video of them -

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