Sunday, March 20, 2011

Otter fountain sculpture and carving Alabama Marble

This will be a bronze otter and limestone basin with waterlilies. I chose a fairly thick stone, so that I can make the basin deep enough to accomodate the otter. I use a 9 inch angle grinder to remove stone from the basin. But, it is difficult to work like this, so...

...we used the crane truck to turn it onto it's side. I can now more easily remove the stone from the basin.

Then, we turn it back up, so that I can finish the lily pads and flowers.

I am just starting to work out the flowers and leaves.

Don helps me with the bronze otter, so that I can see the way that it will fit into the basin.

This week, I started the Syacauga Marble sculpture by sketching on the shape with a timber crayon. I worked out a model, but changed my mind about what I wanted to do with the piece. So, I had Don take pictures of me in the pose before I began.

The side of the stone. I have marked out how deep various parts of the figure are - hand, head and shoulder, so I can refer to that as I carve.

The figure just beginning.

This figure has progressed, but I like to get away from a piece for a while by working on other sculptures - that way, I come back with a fresh eye.

We've had some flooding in the area; this is our neighbor's field.
The weather has been warm and flowers have begun to open...

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