Monday, March 14, 2011

Work progresses and the start of two more sculptures

One thing that I do, that helps me to work out a sculpture, is to take a photo of it and then manipulate the image in Photoshop. I used the pencil tool to add lines to see what areas that I need to remove. In the old days, I would take photos and have them developed and then draw on the photo.

This is the view from the front. I am working out where the leg needs to be. Also, her face and hair are too wide. I need to make the back thinner, but I need to be careful not to remove too much, as this is a stacked piece and I need to keep it fairly thick and substantial to support the top block.

I have started working out where the hand is going to be. The second block has a lot of extra stone protruding, which I am going to incorporate into the piece as drapery. This will be a lot more interesting than if it was cut off.

Another piece, that I am starting, is for the Yew Dell show in May. I am going to carve out a basin with lily pads for a lifesize bronze otter. This will be a fountain with water cascading over the side. The stone is a little big for the otter, so I need to cut it down. First, I drill with a hammerdrill....(photo Don Lawler)

My view of the drill.

I hammer feathers and wedges in to split the stone..(photo Don Lawler)

Another stone for Yew Dell- this is Alabama White Marble from Sylacauga Alabama. I will be bouncing between these three sculptures for the show.

We have had a lot of rain, and the lower part of the propery has flooded. Eddie calmly takes it all in.

A couple of goldfinches at the feeder.

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