Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bears are installed! Dedication May 15th 2:00 All welcome!

The Pollards, who commissioned the bear as a memorial for their son Matt, came out to watch and photograph the bears being moved.

The rigging was coming up against the mother bear's left hind foot. The resulting pressure while lifting the piece could have broken it, so Dereck Sheroan readjusts the rigging, lifting the bears slightly off center, to take pressure off the foot. Way to go Dereck! Charlie Pollard films the installation for a documentary he is creating. He will be leaving soon for college in San Francisco where he will be majoring in Film.

Loaded up and ready to go...

Away go the bears on their one and only trip away from home.

The Pollards follow in their car.

Out on interstate 64.

The bears arrive at Kosair Children's Hospital

The crane truck sets it's outriggers which stabilize it.

The bears get a look at their new home.

The bears, rigged up and ready to be hoisted into place.


Another view of the lift...

The bears are placed on boards, so that the slings can be removed. One of the slings is then made into a choker hitch, in order to raise up one side of the bear. Then, one of the boards can be removed. The process is repeated on the other side so that the bear sits flat on the concrete pad.

The bears in their new home.

The Pollards with the bears, being interviewed by their son Charlie for the documentary.

"you know...for kids."


Anonymous said...

Sorry to have missed the unveiling...I was out of town that day. Can't wait to see the original which looks really good!! Congrats!

Meg said...

Thanks, it's a shame you couldn't make it, it would have been good to see you again