Sunday, August 21, 2011

Daphne progresses, a trip on the river....

I have been working out some of the interior areas on Daphne, opening up areas, working out drill holes, etc.

I opened up Daphne with a hammer drill, often drilling several holes next to each other. In order to open the area between the holes, I used the air hammer and a long flat chisel called a channeling tool. In the lower part of the photo, there is a vertical line. That is where I used the channeling tool but didn't take it all the way to the end of the holes. As I can reach this area from the side, I will use a small die grinder to open up this area. The air hammer has some percussion and I run the risk of cracking the stone if I use it now. The die grinder is much safer at this point.

I have undercut the leaves, making more of a shadow between them and the base of the sculpture.

I periodically stand back from the piece and look for areas I am not happy with. The branch above had a stiff feel to it, as it was too straight up and down . I have crayoned in an area that I think I will remove, to give it more movement and life.

These are the marks from the hammer drill. I will work these out as best I can. Some of the areas are pretty tight and difficult to get a tool in.

This is the right hand preformed. I mark the areas I need to leave high (knuckles and bones) and shade areas that need to be carved away.

These are a couple of drill holes. I crayon how I plan to carve away the stone to transition to these holes smoothly so they no longer read as drill holes.

I have worked various areas around the leaves to add depth and movement. Having the piece outside helps a great deal in seeing sections that need work. As the sun moves across the sculpture, different areas come into the light and trouble areas become obvious.

Our neighbor took his boat out the other day and invited Don and me to come along. We were headed to the Ohio River when this deer decided she wanted to swim across the creek.

We saw this immature bald eagle overlooking the river.

A tiny flower, I am unsure of the species.

It took many photos to catch the rainbow hues of this spider web....

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