Monday, August 8, 2011

Daphne up next

Remember Daphne from a post long, long ago? Well, she's back and now I'm going to finish her.
We had to move her next to the studio for safety when we were building the new stone studio
and she was too close to the studio wall for me to work on her effectively. We have now moved her away from the studio so I can work all around her. She also needed to be where I could have sunlight on her. One of the things I want to do in this sculpture is that when sun is on one side of the sculpture I want some of that light to fill and brighten the other, dark side. The only way to do this is to work on her in the sun so that I can open areas or angle areas to reflect the light into dark areas of the sculpture.
It's mainly detail work I need to do to finish her (fingernails, leaves -lots of leaves) but I may do some heavier carving on areas that I think need it.

And here is Daphne from the side. I may add some deep shadows between the base and the leaves.
And, I bought a kiln. Actually I bought it a year ago and now I will be able to bend my mind to doing water clay pieces. This is a somewhat large kiln so I will be able to do good size sculptures in clay....
One of the realities of country life is either well water or cistern water. We live in an area that is not good for well water so we have a cistern. Another reality of country living is that cisterns need to be cleaned once in a while. I didn't clean it out, Don and a neighbor did, but I went down to see if there were any interesting shots for the camera. I thought this looked pretty cool. The bucket was for climbing in and climbing out.
One of the many rabbits that inhabit the area...

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