Sunday, February 5, 2012

The heron continues, First Friday art and watchers at the window

I continue work on the heron, building up the wings.
I turn the whole bird on the armature so I can get to the underside. This is an important view as the sculpture will be above eye level and the underside will be easily seen.
I fill out the neck and body of the bird and start refining the face.
I use a knife to define the the beak. I have also used it to begin shaping areas of the head. It leaves a subtle pattern.
I have blocked in the wings and am determining the patterns of the feathers.
This is one of the blades of grass which will be behind the heron. I use a wooden dowel as a support.

Don and I went to First Friday in Louisville to see Bob Lockhart's and Mike McCarthy's new work. Bob has a number of really great 2D works. Each one has a humorous (sometimes disturbing) description with the work. It's really worth seeing, we were glad to make the 3 hour round trip to see the show.

Mike McCarthy is doing quite well and has a natural flair for stone. 8 of 10 pieces in the show had sold - he is well on his way and someone to watch.
Speaking of watching - this little deer was watching me as I took his photograph.
And a watcher on the window

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