Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Heron work continues, Daphne, frost on a spider web

I am refining various areas of the heron. When I made the heron legs they were somewhat rough, I go back with a soldering iron to refine them. I have done the leg on the left side, I have yet to smooth out the leg on the right.

The heron's left wing was a little heavy, I cut it back with a knife.

I use a metal wax tool to define the eye area. I then use the same tool on the beak to smooth and even out the texture.

I am trying out a bunch of plants with the heron. I like this better than what I had done in the model. Not quite right, though.

A side view.

I went over Daphne using a roloc (a small air=powered tool) with 120 grit sandpaper. I also smoothed out the bottom of the sculpture. Her left side is to the north and as a result is always in the shade. I need to turn her to the south so I can get the sun evenly on both sides.

We had a freezing fog the other day, thought this spider web encrusted with frost was pretty cool....

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