Monday, January 21, 2013

A Redo on Flight's patina and his departure to his new home, Enid and Boblockhart Shows

I decided to redo the patina on Flight.  Here he is with a more gold ferric on the body and nice green on the supports which I see as symbolizing courage.  Flight is sold and his new owner has referred to him as Icarus which I can see, particularly as he is now gold.  The gold would reference the Sun to which Icarus flew.  Perhaps I'll call the piece Dream of Icarus in which he imagines himself as the Sun. Flight is the first of a limited edition of 6.
I'd like to do the piece large for a public site, say about 12 feet tall. That would be interesting....
Flight will be travelling via UPS to his new home and care must be taken so that he arrives safely.  First bubblewrap is taped around him.
Then various types of foam are taped around with extra wrappings on face and hands.  He is then placed in his crate with additional packing so that he won't move during shipping.
The wooden crate is delivered to UPS.  I was on pins and needles until I heard that he had arrived safely at his new home. Thanks UPS!
A group of woman sculptors has a show going on at the Cressman Center on Main St. in Louisville, KY. The name of the group is Enid for the sculptress Enid Yandell who lived from 1870 -1934 and created the Daniel Boone statue which stands at the entrance to Cherokee Park.  This lovely ceramic piece is by Mary Dennis Kannapel.
This wonderful torso composed of seed pods is by Suzanne Mitchell.
Ewing Fahey poses with one of her clever bone assemblages.
Bob Lockhart recently had a show at Bellermine College.  He creates these wonderfully rendered images that are sweetly sinister. They are reminiscent of Grimms Fairy Tales mix of the fanciful and macabre.
Bob Lockhart reflected in one of his works.

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