Monday, February 25, 2013

A new project is about to begin, Louisville, KY opens a new pedestrian bridge

I just received a commission for a public sculpture.  The commissioning agency plans on announcing this and other sculptures it is acquiring in a few days, so I will wait to post photos of the models and name the organization.  The commission will be carved in limestone from multiple blocks.  Here are some photos of the quarry (Indiana Limestone Company, formally Victor Oolitic of Bloomington, Indiana.

 There are lots and lots of blocks in the quarry...
 ...acres of stone.  But finding the right size blocks can be difficult.  Fortunately, the company has a computer program listing stones by their length, depth and height so we could go right to the stones for the job.
Like this one...
 and this..
...and this one, Brent Blackwell paints my name on the rock.
 and this one too, a couple other besides.  I'll post pictures of the project in the next blog.
 Louisville Kentucky has refurbished the Big Four Railroad bridge into a pedestrian walkway.
There was a large crowd on the Saturday that I walked it.


Patrick Gracewood said...

Congratulations! Hope this one brings many more.

Anonymous said...
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Meg said...

Thanks Patrick,
I hope it does as well.