Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The new project, the stones come in

This is my new project. She is a forty foot long earthwork and limestone sculpture entitled
"The Discovery"  a young woman gazes at someone sitting in her hand.  Is it you? 

The project is for See Art Orlando in Orlando, Florida.  I am one of 7 artists selected to create public art for the city.  See Art Orlando is a public/private partnership in which private donors sponsor the public art commissed and then donate them to the city. 
Here is a link to the site-

and here is a link to a newspaper article about the artists selected -

Three trucks from Stonebelt Trucking in Bedford, Indiana, brought the stones to the studio.  And a 90 ton crane from Bramer Crane was there to meet them.

Kevin operated the crane.  We set the rigging to unload one of the stones.

Jeromie, the rigger, also from Bramer Crane, watches the stone as it is lifted off the truck.  This stone will be one of the arms.

Jeromie steadies the load as it comes down onto the timbers.  This stone will be the knee.  The whole project is huge but it was decided before the stones came in where each should go and timbers laid out for each one. It was a long day but all the stones were put in their proper place.  Many thanks Bramer Crane and Stone Belt!

The next step in the job is determining the points of the sculpture.  Pins are placed to determine high points.

The stone fits the model perfectly. This is the top of the block the face will be in.  The circle with the cross in it corresponds to the pin in the top of the model.

This is another of my "fun" shots.  It is the glass lid of a pan with condensation from steam.


Anonymous said...

This will be a fun piece to watch! Congrats on the commission.

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