Friday, April 19, 2013

"Discovery" continues....

A section of stone is split from the stone which will be the right arm of Discovery by drilling and splitting the stone.
The basic form is carved from the stone using an angle grinder.
Slices are made with the grinder and then each slice is removed with a hammer and chisel. It takes several passes to get to...
the basic outline of the sculpture.  At this point the stone is on it's side.  You are looking at what will be the bottom of the right arm. The hydraulic chainsaw was used to cut off large corners of stone.
The stone that will be the lower leg is marked with the the outline and then stone is removed with an angle grinder.
The hydraulic chainsaw was used to remove a large corner of stone.
The top of the leg is too difficult to cut with the chainsaw and so it is removed in slices.  The angle grinder can cut about 4 1/2" deep.  Multiple cuts a couple of inches apart and 4 1/2" deep are made and then removed with a hammer and chisel.  The stone strips are then loaded into a wheel barrel and are removed.
I use a square (right angle measuring device) on the model measuring back from the tip of the nose to the top lip, to the lower lip and to the chin. Then I use a framing square and a ruler to be certain of the amount of stone I need to remove. I use a 4" grinder with a diamond wheel to remove the stone.

After cutting around the chin I continue around to the other side of the face. 
I recently went over to Bernheim Arboretum  to visit a piece I have there and saw Matt Weir constructing his sculpture. It is a multiple component piece and will be finished a little later in the year.  I'll post photos when he's done.  I have seen models of the work, it will be really cool when it's finished.
This is my piece, Emerging which was installed in 1997.  This piece and two other "stacked" pieces are the basis for "Discovery" as well as "The Muse"  By carving only small sections of the figure (head, hand knee and foot) I was able to create the illusion that the figure was within the three blocks of stone.  In the same way the head hand knee and foot of the "Awaking Muse" gives the illusion that her form is beneath the sod.  So effective that I have been asked if the stone continues beneath the grass.

It was raining and that is why the exterior and interior are so starkly different. Now it looks as if the figure is crouched in the stone, looking at the rain...

My twin sister and I recently turned 50.  That  would mean 100 candles on the cake.  But, it was decided to celebrate our birthday with our brother, his birthday is two days later and he turned 61. So we had a cake with 161 candles.
Here is the video of the flaming cake ....

These are Blue-eyed-mary plants, putting on quite a show....

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