Monday, April 22, 2013

Work on "Discovery's" face

I am forming the face of discovery by working from the point of her nose back to her left jaw. I then will begin working over to the right side of her face. I prefer to work this way as opposed to cutting on both sides of the face.  This is from my early days of stone carving which were entirely direct - no model.  When I first started carving stone I was using a lot of cast off pieces from Don, some of it housing grade.  Sometimes as I got down to the form I would find a pocket of crystals and have to push everything back.  I learned not to limit myself by locking in the form too soon.  My method of working always drove Don crazy, but it's the way I most enjoy and am most comfortable carving.
I also begin defining the hair on the left side of her face.I use a small angle grinder with a diamond wheel to make a deep cut, angling up to maintain the fullness of the hair/skull.
This shows the excess stone to be removed from the forehead. With the left side of the forehead formed, it is obvious what stone needs to be removed from the right side of her forehead.  I use a small angle grinder with a diamond wheel to cut across in a technique called "shaving".
I have cut back the hair on the left side of the face and I proceed across the forehead.
This is "Lifting the Veil".  She is carved from Sylacauga White Marble.  She is an example of direct carving.  I have used photos of myself to get the right feel of the piece, I still need to work out her right arm and shoulder.  I have been working on her off and on, it will be a while before I can finish her. I liked the way the sun looked on her, thought I'd share.....
"Hey! You're on my nose!" A fox Squirrel sits on my wolf pups.
And this is an unusual sight - a male Ring-necked Pheasant - they were introduced last winter. They are, I believe, native to Asia.

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