Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Continued work on Discovery... progress on the head, foot, setting up for the left hand. A tiny Praying Mantis makes a brief appearance

 I have been working on the head of "Discovery", refining the face and smoothing the hair.  I, then, began cutting down the back of the head.
 The back of the head is straight up and down and it is obvious as to what to remove. First, I mark a corner to be removed from the back of the head.
 Another view...
 I have taken off most of the corner with the angle grinder in the photo.
 Another view.
 After that corner is cut off, I mark other corners to be removed like this one....
 and this....
 and then these corners as well.
 Then, I remove stone from the middle of the head to the back of the head.

 Meanwhile, Don is working on the foot.  He uses an air hammer to remove stone from the sole.
 He uses a big grinder to shave stone off the foot.
 Next, I will begin work on the left hand.  The model is on the stool, I have marked in crayon areas that need to be removed.
This is a tiny Praying Mantis only an inch long, cleaning his foot.

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