Thursday, August 8, 2013

Carving continues on the left hand, rain drives me inside to work on the head and a rabbit nurses her young

I have begun defining the individual fingers of the left hand.  I crayon in areas under the hand to check if I need to remove the stone.  I also remove stone from the area beneath the hand.
I haven't cut the ends of the fingers as I need position them correctly where they terminate.  Also it gives me some latitude in the position of the fingers, I can raise or lower them - a little.  So right now they look stumpy and fat.  In the background you can see a puff of dust from Don.  He has finished blocking the stone blocks for me and has returned to his own carving.
Here he is through the door of the studio working on his sculpture entitled "Ecliptic"
I begin to form the fingers beginning with the pinky.  I think I will change the index finger - in the model is in lower than the second finger, I think I will take it a little above.  I will leave stone under the index finger if I change my mind again.

I start defining the wrist as well as the heel of the hand.
I begin shaping the individual fingers, indicating the joints. I will make them a bit exaggerated coming back later to smooth the form.
We have a bit of rain so I'm back inside working on the head of the piece.  I have started forming the ear and working down the hair on top of the head as well as grinding down the cheek which is a bit full.
The rain clears and I'm back to work on the hand defining another finger.
Now I have started on the index finger...
A view from above....
This is foot portion of the sculpture that is waiting on me.  But I will get further along on the arm then do some work on the knee before I jump here.
Speaking of jump, here is a rabbit, Actually and obviously it is a mother.  She was in the road to the studio nursing her young so I stopped so as not to disturb her.  Her baby looks comfortable lying on it's back as it dines.....

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