Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Discovery progress

Progress continues on the Discovery Muse.  This is a view of the foot from the end of the toes.

When I am finished carving the instep and shin of the foot  a crane will lower it onto it's side for finishing.

I slim down the left arm with an angle grinder.
a view from above, I have made the cut on the right, a line in black crayon shows where I will make the next cut in order to slim the wrist.

In addition to carving the wrist and arm, I also am refining the hand and fingers to make them more feminine.

I have started to round the top line of the arm.

The left arm comes into shape.

When I work on a large sculpture I often use photoshop to check accuracy of form.  Each photo is cropped to the same size, put side by side and a grid overlaid.  The photo above shows a mistake.  I didn't get far enough back and so have a great deal of distortion in the face.  This can be horrifying when working, you think you're doing fine then you take a photo and - Yikes!
Below is a photo in which I am far enough back - zoom about halfway out, fill the frame.  She's close but there are a few corrections to make.

I have been finishing up the face and hair...

coming around the back of the head...

and working into the night (photo Don Lawler)

Dew on the seed head of a grass stem.  The sun has dried one side.

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