Friday, January 10, 2014

Continuing work on DIscovery

Here I am cutting the foot using an angle grinder.  This is a capture from a video.  You can watch the video here -

The shade structure was removed from over the leg so it can be turned onto its side. This will enable me to work on the heel and back of the leg.

Seeing the leg from the side helps me to see how heavy the leg is and where stone needs to be removed.  I have marked areas that need thinning with black crayon.

I also see that I have not removed enogh stone from the arch of the foot.  The model of the foot is on the stool on the right of the photo.  I compare the shadows of the model to the shadows of the sculpture to see what areas need to be removed.

This photo shows how heavy the calf is.  Lines show where I need to remove stone.  I will use a 9 inch grinder to cut off the excess stone.

I have shaved off some of the stone using the back edge of the grinder and pulling it toward me until I reach the hub.  Then I use a hammer to break off the stone.

The hand has been defined first, a little on the heavy side. I have just started to define the forearm.

The hand has been thinned and refined and the forearm more fully defined.

The lower half of the forearm is too heavy and I begin shaving off the stone with an angle grinder.

The arm is too heavy and square, I make a cut on the right side- I will then remove this whole section, The left side is heavy as well and I will cut that down too.

I have refined the hand, cutting down the palm to help water drain.

I refine the thumb and fingers and begin working down the forearm.

I use my own hand to check angle of the fingers, thumb, creases, etc.  I use a timber crayon to mark areas that need to be cut.  If I decide against cutting an area I mark it with two slashes.

I changed this piece from the original model.  The forearm originally was higher than the hand.  I decided that wouldn't work in the composition so I cut that area down - about 6 inches lower.

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