Monday, March 17, 2014

The Muse gets her blanket of groundcover

This is the groundcover which will act as a blanket for the Muse.  It is Asiatic Jasmine.  It has been grown in flats and will be installed like grass sod.  I believe (I could be wrong) that these plants were grown in about 2 weeks. The plants are evergreen and will at some point, have tiny white flowers.  Julie Iooss procurred the plants for the project at-
Rode Groundcovers
13050 West Highway 318
Williston, Florida 32696

Installation begins at the top of the Muse.  The sections are pinned to the earth.

It was a lot of work to put all the plants in place.  Some people (I helped)carried the trays from the truck to the berm, others put them in place, staggering them like a course of bricks.

The Muse was very patient as her blanket was applied.  I don't know if those pins hurt but she never said anything ;)

The blanket is getting there, but not quite finished.  We're waiting for another truckload of plants.

There is discussion as to how far down to bring the Jasmine.  The rest of the area will be grass sod.

Julie Iooss, Rondale Silcot and Rocky Lane  prepare the back of the Muse for Jasmine groundcover.

The groundcover is almost finished, just a couple of places in the back....
Grass sod was added around the Muse - the areas around the head and hands was kept in grass to make that area more inviting to people as the idea of the piece is to sit in her hand so she can whisper inspiration to you.

A closeup of the Muse.  The hands and side of her head appear darker because the sod and groundcover are irrigated regularly.  Stone becomes a bit darker when wet.

The Muse with kids...

People strolling by looking the "Lady by the Lake" as someone called her.

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