Sunday, January 24, 2010

Packing clay onto the Terre Haute commission

This week, I was able to make dramatic progress on the Terre Haute commission.

Needing the ability to remove each head separately, I cut pipe that will slide over the metal neck rods of the sculpture armature. I use a sawz-all to make the cuts. I hold the pipe firmly to the bench to keep it from moving, as the sawz-all cuts with a reciprocating motion.

This picture shows the newly cut section of pipe.

I cut a piece of foam that will easily fit inside the form of the head. I trace the area that needs be removed, so that I can affix it to the pipe. As the foam of the head will be about 3" across and 3" deep, I will use two pieces of foam (the foam is 2" thick). Then, I will cut a hollow, to match the pipe, out of each half, and then glue them together. The resulting piece of foam will be 4" thick, but I trim it down with a knife.

The pipe will slide over the neck of the armature. I can take off each head and work on it separately. By sliding the pipe over the metal rod, I ensure that there are no edges to catch and make removing the head difficult.

The foam is attached to the pipe with hot clay.

When adding clay to the armature, it must be firmly smeared in small amounts all over. Otherwise, it will simply fall off. Subsequent layers of clay stick easily to this first layer.

I add clay to all areas of the sculpture, making sure to push it firmly into place. I have decided not to add foam for the children's heads. They will be made entirely of clay. Foam in their heads could end up being more trouble than it's worth.

I continue adding clay, covering the foam and metal. I periodically check measurements against the maquette.

At this point, I have added clay onto most of the figures. Now, I will add clay to the childrens arms.

I have added clay to all areas of the figures. Next, I will start defining the forms.

On Monday, there was a dense fog all day. It gave everything an otherworldly feel.

There was a freezing fog one morning, and I spied this plant outlined in frost.

I took a walk by the creek while it was still frozen, and thought I'd take a macro shot of the bubbles inside...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Meg, I really enjoy watching these in process shots of your art juxtaposed against the natural setting of your home and studio. Al