Monday, April 26, 2010

Refining Sculpture continues and a Gallynipper in my hand

This is a great little tool called a glyptic. It is a loop tool with one side that is serrated (like a rake). What's nice is that you can change out different shape loops from the handle using an included allen wrench (shown). I got this at Sculpture Depot in Loveland Colorado.

I am using a rake tool on the man's shirt to futher refine the surface.

I use a small loop tool for the hair. This is the little boy.

This is the progress on the man's face -I have given him a slight smile.

This is the woman's face.

To make bows for the little girl's hair, I flatten a strip of clay and loop either end over, and join in the middle. Then, I pinch the middle slightly.

After I apply the bows to the hair, I add a bit of clay for the knot of the bow.

This is the sculpture with a black backdrop. The backdrop helps me to see the sillouette of the sculpture more easily. I choose black over a light material because a lighter material makes highlights more difficult to read.

A swallowtail butterfly on locust blooms.

Toads eggs in a puddle.

Got this guy out of the sink. You know what they say, a Gallynipper in the hand...

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Anonymous said...

Meg the sculpture is looking great! Love your nature shots too.