Monday, April 19, 2010

Continued refinement and a woodpecker

I use a rake tool to had interest and folds to the woman's dress

This is the man's face. He looks a little too serious, I think I will lighten his expression.

I fill in the areas where the little girls hand and the womans arm meet.

I am using a wood tool to make the little girls fingernails

I've been working on shoes - I'm even doing them in my sleep. The leg is still on the lumpy side. Oil clay is difficult to get a smooth surface. I need to go over the surface several times with a rake tool to get the form right.

This strange looking thing is a wild grape leaf just emerging.

This is a Trillium backlit by the sun

This is a Red Bellied Woodpecker on the feeder at the house. He doesn't look very comfortable, but then those are free sunflower seeds!


rj said...

loving the new details in the clay!!

the amount of wildlife around you is unreal.

Anonymous said...

Your sculpture is coming around nicely! I wouldn't worry about the woodpecker. I think they like to hang in this position. I watched a Red-bellied woodpecker picking off hackberry fruits from the underside of the tree for about 45 minutes.