Monday, April 12, 2010

Refining the sculpture

In different areas of the sculpture I use a rake tool to even out the form. Here I am using a fine rake tool in a crosshatching pattern to make sure the calf of the little girl is nicely rounded.

I removed the mans head and have done some refining. Also I have been smoothing and refining the folds in his shirt.

I removed the womans head to further refine her features, though she is not as far along as the man.

A view of the sculpture. I am working on areas all over the sculpture tweaking and tighening.

Another view

Spring brings tadpoles - these are well developed by are not out of their bubble nest yet...

A close-up of spiderwort.

A close-up of a Tulip.
Saturday Don and I were invited to fellow sculptor Karen Terhune's 50th birthday party - it was lots of fun but I forgot the camera, darn!
My sister and I celebrated our birthday the next day - we're 47 - but the batteries on my camera decided to give up the ghost so I got no pics of the party - another darn!

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