Saturday, June 18, 2011

Installing Light of Hope and Healing at the Hux Cancer Center

Don and I took the bronze sculpture and base to it's final destination, the Hux Cancer Center in Terre Haute, Indiana in a Penske box truck with a lift gate. We were met at the Hux by 3 employees of Sycamore Engineering, who had done the engineering for the center.

Don made 2 boxes similar to what Art Castings had, so that access was available, for bolting the sculpture to the base.

We rented a Genie lift from Art's Rental in Louisville Ky to lift the sculpture onto the base. Mary Kramer, on the right, is with Artspaces Inc. which oversees public art commissions in the area. She worked with me through the whole process and made everything go smoothly.

Another view from the stairs.

Don lowers the sculpture, while Mike feeds the wires from the light through the base.

We set up the sculpture, and moved it a couple of times, before we were sure of the best position. Next, comes drilling holes for the 4 threaded rods that will attach the sculpture to the floor. Mike holds the template for the bottom of the base, while Don carefully marks the holes.

Then, the drilling begins. First Mike...

Then Dave...

Tom gets a turn too! The floor is not that thick, but there was metal to contend with, so it took a while to break through...

Finally, the holes are drilled, the rod fit into the sculpture and then, it is set in place.

...and then, the light is turned on.

Another view of the sculpture.

...and one from the waiting room..
...and finally a detail.

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