Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dancer goes to a new home and Light of Hope and Healing dedication

The Dancer has sold - the new owner built a crate and came to take him home, to Georgia.
The crate was secured and packing material was added to keep the sculpture safe.

The base was secured.
The Dancer, in his new home.

He certainly has beautiful surroundings. It's nice to see my sculptures go to good homes.
My sculpture, "The Light of Hope and Healing", was dedicated at the Hux Cancer Center. This is the plaque.

The sculpture looks kind of cool before the unveiling.

This is a portion of the crowd that came to watch the unveiling.

I (in the middle) wait to talk. Mary Kramer, who I worked with on this project (she was great),is to my right. Jon Robeson, executive director of Arts Illiana, is to my left. I enjoyed talking to him, as he is really into birds and birding.

Scott Teffteller, President and Ceo of Union Hospital, spoke to the crowd.

Here I am with the unveiled sculpture. Edith Tucker, on the right side of the photo, is my brother in law's aunt. She lives in Terre Haute and was able to attend the ceremony.

Here is the finished sculpture. I like all the reflected lights in the floor - they seem to mirror the light in the sculpture.

We stayed the night at the Hilton (courtesy of Artspaces - many thanks) and this (I think it is a hibiscus) was planted just outside.

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