Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Hereafter show at Craig Kaviar Gallery

This is "Flight" A man leaps into the air, cast in plastic. It will ultimately be cast in bronze.

This is the second of the two sculptures I have in the show, a bird feeding angel. It is cast in plaster, but is intended to be cast in bronze as a monument.

Matt Weir's sculpture was this section of an eagle. He really captures the sweep of the wing.
This is a nice sculpture by Guy Tedesco. He has done a number of public sculptures in the area.
The three stone sculpture are by Don Lawler. The figure on the left is in marble, the other two are in granite.

This is a bench by Craig Kaviar in polished concrete and iron. It is a really beautiful piece, the photo doesn't do it justice.
David Kocka had a number of nice bronzes.

This sculpture is by David Lind - of himself as a child, I think. The poster behind is of work he has in Cave Hill Cemetery.
There was a write-up of the show in LEO, a local alternative newspaper, and Raymond Graf's Urn was featured. It is a very elegant sculpture. The article was nice, except for the fact that my name was left out. Ah well, such is life...

A view of the crowd at the show.
A view from the upper level of the gallery.
I thought this was interesting. I shot this from upper level of the gallery as well. That is Matt Weir on the left and Craig Kaviar on the right. But it's actually Matt's reflection and Matt is standing to Craigs left.
A Webworm moth on a spent buttonbush blossom. It's coloring is so close to the colors of the dying bloom.
A Doe and her fawns visited us not too long ago.
I found a mussel shell as big as my hand and it was so thin I thought it might float. I cleaned it off and set it in the creek and the current took it away...

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