Sunday, January 26, 2014

Daphne and Lily get a new home - together

Daphne was sold at Yew Dell Gardens this spring. Here is a video of me working on her-
Lily was also at Yew Dell and she sold as well - to the same collector.

Daphne is extremely fragile and had to be handled with care.  A spreader bar is used to keep the straps away from the branches and leaves.  The crane is from JBB of Hardinsburg.  The operator is Derrick Sherroan.

Most stone sculptures can be strapped to the truck, but not Daphne.  She has to have a crate because she is so delicate. 

Daphne arrives at the site and is freed from her crate....

It took a bit to get her positioned correctly on her base, but she is finally perfect.  JP Shadley has created a berm behind and there will be stones right in front of her to make her appear that she is standing on a rocky outcrop.

Derrick, Don and Mike wrestle Lily into her site.  Unfortunately she was turned away a little too much - I couldn't tell how she would look until all three stone sections were assembled, so the sections had to be taken down and the piece turned just a bit.  Sorry guys!

 A close up of Lily

Lily from a distance.  She has a beautiful view to gaze upon, it seems to be made just for her.

Daphne has a beautiful site as well - she has lot of space so that a viewer can walk around and see all sides of her.  Here is a video walk around of Daphne when she was at Yew Dell -
I spent a great deal of time working on Daphne to ensure that the sun would shine through the leaves illuminating the shady side of the piece.  The site is perfect in terms of her position to the sun.  It was fun watching the sun move across it, watching piece change as the sun illuminated different areas.  I was also spending a final, quiet time with her as I do all my pieces when they're done and installed.  A way, I suppose, of saying goodbye.

I took this picture in the morning of the day Lily and Daphne went to their new home. In a way it should have been at the beginning of the post, but it was such a beautiful photo, I thought I'd save it for last.

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Amazing... such wonderful work!