Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cutting the top of the Lion, Conversation continues and a marble sculpture

This is the back of the American Lion sculpture. The streaking is from rain washing the dust from the top of the stone.  I have angled the top of the piece so that it slopes toward the back so that rain will run toward the back and away from the carved area in the front and side. Unfortunately the rain is clinging to the stone and running around to the side of the sculpture and going down the Lion's leg.  I need to cut the stone so that the rain is channeled away from the side of the sculpture. 

I have marked in black crayon the area I need to cut to direct the rain toward the center of the block.  I will then make a deep cut down past the carved area of the sculpture so that the rain will be diverted from the Lion.

This is the top of the stone.  I am going to slope this toward the center of the stone so that rain will run off the back away from carved areas.

I'm cutting stone from the top of the lion while standing on a ladder.  Here is a video -
Seems like a long way down.

The small angle-grinder was not long for this world (transmission gave up the ghost) so I switched to the large angle-grinder.

A view of Conversation from above.

I beveled the edge of the far side of the sculpture. 

Rain has dripped from the ledge overhead, the work I am doing on the top will eliminate the dripping in rain ( or at least most of it).

Working on Conversation.

Photo-morph of Conversation with plants and representation of stone legs.

A model for a marble sculpture working title -"Little Girl".

The rough outline is marked on the stone and sections removed via angle grinder.

Me cutting the marble girl.

Frost crystals on a plant by the creek.

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