Sunday, February 22, 2015

While the weather is cold...

While the weather is cold and there is snow on the ground - I decide to work up some models for small sculptures.  A couple of the pieces are designed to fit in existing stone which are sections cut from larger stones.
The first sculpture is entitled "Uneasy Dreams" which will be carved from the stone above.  It will be placed on a somewhat smaller, angled block, the figure will be hanging over the edge of the lower block hence the "uneasy" quality.  The inspiration for the piece are the stones themselves, I was looking for a way to make use of this scrap stone and concept came to me.

A rough sketch of the sculpture...

A quick water clay sketch of the figure.

This scrap of stone is to be "Earth Dreams".  I know, all this dreaming, don't ask me, I'm doing what is in my head.  This will be an earthwork piece though I envision her in the middle of a mound though that may change.

This is the rough sketch of the sculpture intended.

I am doing water clay for this model as well.  The head and chest are built up clay around a wad of damp paper towels.  I have a wooden dowel that will offer support to the head and keep it from falling over.

features are added..

and refined.

one arm is added...

then the other...

then she lies down..

then she gets her hair.  More refinement to do though.

While I haven't shown a photo of the stone, I also would like to do a little tiger cub in the Sylacauga Marble.  It is white with black striped marbling, should be interesting.

Lights reflected in double pane glass.

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