Monday, March 1, 2010

will winter ever end?

It's been unseasonably cold all week, with cloudy skies, so I'm happy that I have indoor work to do.

I continued work on the Terre Haute commission. I focused my efforts on making improvements on the head of the man.

I added clay to make the eyes...

...and then added more clay for the eyelids.

After getting the head to a point that I was happy with, I finished out the week making refinements to the rest of the figure - specifically, the leg, waist and shoulders.

This was the progress of the sculpture at the end of the week.

This is the model for the next commission that I will be working on, after this one is finished. It is a mother Grizzly Bear and 3 cubs that will be carved from a single block of Indiana Limestone. It will be installed in front of the new Norton Children's Hospital in Louisville, KY.

M & M's

The temperatures have been warming and the creek has started to melt - making interesting patterns. I especially liked the reflection of the trees.

Ohio River valley blues.

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