Sunday, March 14, 2010

The work continues....and spring arrives

I have blocked in the belt area and now begin to pack on clay for the shirt.

I have blocked in the body of the shirt and have indicated on the arms with lines in the clay where I will add clay for the folds of the shirt.

I have added clay and formed it using loop tools to create the folds of cloth. I have also added a collar.

I have blocked in the belt but it is very rough. Now I need to smooth it out and define it.

By pressing with a wood tool with a rounded end and rolling slightly, I smooth out the clay to create the form of the belt.

Here I am defining the belt by pressing the end of a square edged wood tool against it and drawing it to the right. I will use this tool to define the loops of the pants and where the shirt and pant meet to make a clean edge.

Here is the sculpture, there is still work to go, but it is coming along.

This is a closeup of moss and what looks like a flower, but is not, it is a Antheridium, which is how moss reproduce -kind of like flowers do. It is extremely small - less than 1/16th of an inch across.

Condensation inside a 2 liter bottle.

Rain on the web of a spider.

A closeup of a Lacewing. Insects in the house is a sure sign of spring.

Another sign of spring is that the buds of the trees have started to open, this is a water maple in the rain. And yes, they are that pink, but they are relatively small and easy to miss.


Kimberly said...

very neat! & you are doing rather well on the sculpture! That is amazing!

RJ said...

You make clay work look fun and difficult at the same time. It's been neat to keep up with this. As always, thanks for the extra photos, too.

Anonymous said...

It's kinda odd watching these figures going from "nudes" to clothed forms! I'm guessing your camera also has a macro lens?