Sunday, March 28, 2010

Work on the little boy, and the return of the Sun

To make an ear, I use coils of clay to form the basic shapes. I add small bits of clay that will fill in the form.

I use a wood tool to press in the small pieces of clay. It is better to use too little clay for the area - it's easy to add more clay. But, if you add too much, and clay needs to be scaped back off, it's a lot more trouble.

I have roughed in the little boy's shirt. I use a loop tool to define the folds.

Here is the little boy from the front. I need to do more refining to the folds of cloth.

Here is the model for the little boy. His name is Gavin.

Here is the view showing the children in profile.

My favorite view is 3/4. I feel it has a lot more energy.

The morning sun through the fog.

As the sun returns with the spring, everything begins to bloom. This bloom is on a small tree - I don't know the type.

This is a tiny flowering plant (I don't know its name). Each bloom is only 1/16th of an inch across.

A closeup of Hepatica.

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