Monday, May 10, 2010

Smoothing the surface of the sculpture

I want a nice smooth surface for the skin and hair sections of the sculpture.

I use orange oil to get a smooth surface on the oil clay. First, I apply the oil with a brush, going over the whole surface, paying special attention to areas that are lumpy.

Then, I wipe the orange oil off with a paper towel. I also use the paper towel to further smooth problem areas.

I have applied orange oil to the little girl's hair.

I have smoothed the right side of her hair, but not the left, so you can see the difference.

We had a lot of rain, and as a result, the lower part of the property flooded. These are ant refugees. There were clusters of them all through the trees, waiting for things to dry out.

This is a gar cruising through the flooded field.

A tiny cluster of flowers. I don't know what variety they are.

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