Monday, May 17, 2010

Tweaking the sculpture

Right now, I am cleaning up various areas of the sculpture, adding details, smoothing rough areas, etc.

I am cleaning up the area around the little boys belt. Next, I will add buttons to the little boy's shirt.

I blocked out the hands off the sculpture, but I put the finishing touches while they are attached.

I am defining the area between the little boy's arm and the woman's arm.

I posted this picture in March, reposting it with a pic of where it is going.

This is the new Kosair children's hospital on Brownsboro Rd. The bear will go in the children's playground there.

My nephew Danny had his 18th birthday recently. This is the family outing at a Japanese restaurant - I forget the name. From left to right: Ed and Betty Stivers (Danny's grandparents), Danny, his girlfriend Olivia and Danny's father Steve.

This is a fuzzy variety of grass. Very interesting in the rain...

A little red spider sitting under it's web in the rain.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this woodpecker on the sea lion.

I saw a little fuzz ball run across the road in front of me. I stopped the car and this was crouching by the side of the road.
It's a Wood Duck duckling. After resting a bit,It took off down the hill, I'm sure mom and siblings are not far off.

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Anonymous said...

Looking good! Nice to see that your bear sculpture will be nearby. I really like that red spider photo! Best to you both.