Monday, May 24, 2010

Finishing touches, Yew Dell and the Wild Life

I am in the homestretch on the sculpture now. Finishing does seem to go on forever, always some little thing that needs to be tweaked.

I make buttons from little pieces of clay slightly rolling the edges. As the clay is fairly sticky I can try buttons in various postions to work out what is best.

I use a clay shaper with a soft rubber tip to clean clay marks from tight areas of the sculpture.

We loaded in sculptures to the Yew Dell show. We rented a flatbed truck from Penske, and the crane is from JBB inc. out of Hardinsburg. We later rented a box truck from Penske to take in the Elephant and Don Lanham's work.

Don rigs a stone trough in preparation to unloading.

Don installed 6 sculptures by Don Lanham. The cart was considered, but it was decided best to just use a dolley.

Ely installed at Yew Dell, frolicing as usual.

It seems I've seen so much wildlife lately, all kinds of critters ( must be the time of year). These are two male Cowbirds fighting over a female. The conflict went on for quite a while- they must have been fairly evenly matched.

This is a luna moth on the side of a building.

When I find a turtle in the road, I cross it, so that it won't be inadvertantly smashed. Occasionally, I cross snapping turtles, like this one. This was a particulary unpleasant natured turtle and I had a hard time getting a hold on it. Its tail was tucked in and kept turning around and lunging at me with those big snapper jaws. I gave it a stick to bite onto and was able to pick it up and put it out of the road

This is a young rabbit "freezing" by the side of the road, ready to dash off at any minute.

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