Monday, September 5, 2011

Don readies Hand for Purdue Installation, a new project begins

Temperatures have been in the 90's, and since cooler days have been forecast, I have put Daphne on the back burner until those cooler days arrive.

Don's piece "Man and Technology" is to be installed at Purdue University this next week.

The sculpture is pressure washed and then, a breathable sealer will be applied. Next, it will be loaded onto a truck for the trip to Purdue.

As Don's sculpture will require a big crane; it just makes sense to utilize it for any other lifting needs. This is a rough maquette for a stone that I have, though it needs a crane to set it upright.

This is the stone, which measures 12 feet long. If you look closely, I have cut the profile of the maquette into the surface.

Don has made the bottom of the stone flat for me. When the crane comes, it can be set upright and I can get started on it.

I have been putting together packages for public art projects - called 'request for qualifications' (RFQ) or 'request for proposals' (RFP). The images have to be burned onto cds. When I opened this pack of cds, I thought "this would make a good photo....I'll call it Infinity..."

This is a froglet on my finger. I took this pic back in June, saw it today and thought I would include it. Such a tiny guy, he still has his tail.

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